That is the aroma of a Greek summer!

I have always wanted to shield Greek summers in a bottle. The juicy water melon, the melon, the cool sense of cucumber, the aroma of herbs tinkling my nose through the afternoon breeze, the saltiness of the sea, the cosmopolitan Greek islands’ wind, the sunset serenity I enjoy as I lay on my balcony.


With the touch of royale poudre!

Contrasts have their own charm. Balancing between bitter and sweet, from woody to the velvety aroma of honey, OROSSIMO is a perfume eager to designate you. Just like a milestone reversing your whole life.


Self confidence, audacity, strength, freedom!

JOURNAPER PERFUMES is stalking the patio of Barone de Benevale in Piano di Sorrento! The intrigues, passions, plots and secrets, unite and simultaneously divide this aristocratic family.


What is the perfume of night magic?

Love and loneliness, shine and darkness, romance and vulgarity, absolution and betrayal, or else? NYCHTA! Oh yes, it is hard to capture. Hard to resist the pleasures so generously offered. Yet it was even harder for me to captivate its lure in a bottle!


Passion, allure, seduction, love, betrayal, redemption…or should I say, EROS IROS!

The new perfume by JOURNAPER is a tribute to love at first sight, a sublimation to a defiant perfume which overwhelms both body and soul. A playful, mocking, reviving wildfire!