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CABARET LUXURIOUS SCENTED CANDLE. Soywax and paraffin scented candle in a luxurious black and gold cylindrical tumbler with scents of sandalwood and black pepper.

Top notes: Indian sandalwood, sichuan pepper
Heart notes: black pepper, nutmeg
Base notes: Tobacco, leather

Burn time: 30 hours
Fill: 200 gr

Hand-poured in Greece
Natural wax + 100% cotton wicks
Not tested on animals

CABARET LUXURIOUS SCENTED CANDLE. Close your eyes and transfer to the legendary Parisian cabarets. Their legendary atmosphere in one scented candle! CABARET is an ode to the famous cabarets in Paris, where a lot of famous artists gathered to share their ideas. A hint of black pepper and nutmeg at the heart of the sandalwood and sichuan pepper and tobacco delivers subtle, unexpected harmony. Its luxurious aromas definitely make an impact when lit in any room of your home or in the office.

The candle jar is made from premium heavy glass which offers a touch of luxury and when lit, the candle’s warm light sparkles through the translucent jar offering a luxurious atmosphere.

Moreover, JOUR NAPER manufactures its candles according to a traditional and artisanal method of craftsmanship. Furthermore, the wax we use in our creations is 100% vegetal and selected for its quality of combustion. We firstly heat it, then carefully combine with JOUR NAPER perfumes. Each JOUR NAPER candle is then hand-filled one by one. The 100% cotton wicks, braided in natural, lead-free cotton, are then placed at the bottom of the candle glass.

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Additional information

Main aromatic notes

Amber, Black pepper, Sandalwood

Burn on

40+ h




  1. Βάνα Τρίγκου

    Εξαιρετικό! Με πολύ καλή ένταση.

  2. Evangelia

    Απλά υπέροχο!Ξυλώδες, πιπεράτο…Μυστηριώδες!Ιδανικό για σουαρέ!

  3. Κ. Βασιλική

    Υπέροχη μυρωδιά!!!Μοσχοβολαει το σπιτι!

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