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The legendary Prometheus stole a thunder from Zeus to bring fire to humanity, but the Goddess Aphrodite…by JOURNAPER PERFUMES, gave us her own fire to gift us with magic, luxury and warmth. How dull would our nights be without a flickering light, and how pale our memories without their aromas?

Two candles, the red PYR and the white MANIA, are making our simplest moments unique, with their precious design of JOURNAPER PERFUMES, and their emblematic aromas enriched with notes of myrrh, incence chestnut, caramel, chiliantemoten and amber!

Turn the lights of, light the candles instead, and let their aromas set your senses on fire… close your eyes and offer them the most elegant gift. Or simply….live your moments!)

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Candy, Honey, Powder


Caramel, Jasmine



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50+ hours


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