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Self confidence, audacity, strength, freedom!

JOURNAPER PERFUMES is stalking the patio of Barone de Benevale in Piano di Sorrento! The intrigues, passions, plots and secrets, unite and simultaneously divide this aristocratic family. The emblematic version of #VARONOS finds its inspiration and creates the most enchanting perfume! From the guilty darkness to the light of freedom, from its granite arrogance, to the most fragile ends, what is the revelation? #VARONOS is an unconventional knight with a generous heart. Just trust him!

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Bergamot, Glove, Pepper


Cinnamon, Sandalwood


Leather, Musc

1 review for VARONOS

  1. Ivanthan

    Είναι ένα άρωμα που κάθε φορά που το βάζω όλοι με ρωτούν ποιο είναι! Θέλω να επισημάνω την διάρκεια του ακόμα και μετά από 8 ώρες στη δουλειά ακόμα το νιώθεις επάνω μου.

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