The Emblem


The Goddess Aphrodite is the logo. The Goddess of love, and fertility, but also beauty, the one making sure that perfume making was an essential supplement both for Gods and mere mortals for irresistible looks. She is our inspiration and JOURNAPER PERFUMES logo. Graphic designer Fotini Lagou). The aromas of beautification and cleanliness were an essential part of ancient Greeks’ daily routine. So, sparkled by JOURNAPER aromatic universe, George Papahatzis emphatically states about “his” Goddess Aphrodite. “ She is not simply the Goddess of beauty and pleasure. She is not just my astrological sign planet (Libra). She is the timeless symbol, the untamed lure, the protector, the dame who treasures the most important Elements, the one who ravishes Gods and mortals alike. The impersonation of beauty and lust. That is, every aroma emerging from our JOURNAPER perfume lab!